Trinus Core Add Ons

Build Your 3D Printer Your Way.
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With the LCD display, you can select which file you want to print from your SD card by selecting it in the visual menu. It will also allow you to control your print directly from Trinus: you can pause/resume, adjust speed and temperature, and check elapsed time and percentage of...
$99.00 USD
The Trinus laserhead is capable of engraving wood, leather, food, cork, and other soft materials. Use your Trinus printer to make your own coasters, design a leather notebook, or brand your next batch of cookies! * includes one pair of safety googles
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The Trinus Heated Bed Platform is mandatory for printing with ABS and polycarbonate filament (PC). Our improved HBP will be connected directly to the PCB, allowing you to control the temperature via software. We recommend that you purchase the Heated Bed Platform together with our Enclosure Case, particularly if you...
$99.00 USD
Not only will our aluminum Enclosure Case enhance your Trinus’s aesthetics, it is also a practical safety feature, particularly if you are printing around kids or animals at home — they may not be ready to handle your Trinus! For printing with ABS, the Enclosure Case should be mandatory.
$25.00 USD
Included: 0.2mm nozzle, 0.4mm nozzle, 0.6mm nozzle. The thinner the nozzle, the more detailed your print will look, but it will take much longer to complete. The 0.6mm nozzle is the fastest one, but with the lowest resolution.


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