Trinus Spare Parts

$29.00 USD
Input: 100-240V~1.8AOutput: 12V 12AWattage: 144W The 144W PSU has higher amperage than the standard PSU. It's able to withstand load spikes and long periods of high-power printing. This PSU is suitable for users powering multiple add ons including the heated bed. 
$9.99 USD
This is a custom-made sheet that will fit on both the regular Trinus print bed AND the heated bed. One sheet comes with every HBP, but it is not included with the Trinus stand alone. More information about BuildTak you can find at
$99.00 USD
This item is for the inventors and DIY people out there, inspired by “MakersMuse”, and who want to use this slider to make an DLP printer. If the tinkerer inside you feels particularly bold, grab one of these and use to create your own printer.
$7.00 USD
Keep a spare print bed to swap it quickly while you clean the other one, or just in case you need a new print bed.Don't let the unexpected hinder your creativity!
$7.00 USD
Our high-performance nozzles are made from brass and plated with an extremely tough chrome coating. These nozzles are long-lasting, wear resistant* and they offer great thermal conductivity. Available in 0.2 0.4 and 0.6* based on thorough stress tests using wood and aluminum filaments.
$0.01 USD
Only for users experiencing problems with their laser enclosure panels.  Usage Instructions


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